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2018 Aperture Portfolio Prize Shortlist

Fabiola Cedillo_Portfolio Prize 2018

Fabiola Cedillo, Untitled, 2016; from the series Los mundos de TITA

Philip Cheung_Portfolio Prize 2018

Philip Cheung, Weapon maintenance, Kandahar Airfield, 2010; from the series The Thing About Remembering

Dylan Hausthor & P. Guilmoth_Portfolio Prize 2018

Dylan Hausthor & P. Guilmoth, Untitled, 2018; from the series Sleep Creek

Eduardo Rivera_Portfolio Prize 2018

Eduardo L Rivera, A Seat at the Table, 2016; from the series Over Dry Lands

Ka-Man Tse_Portfolio Prize 2018

Ka-Man Tse, Untitled, 2017; from the series Narrow Distances

We’re pleased to announce the five finalists for the 2018 Aperture Portfolio Prize, an international photography competition whose goal is to identify trends in contemporary photography and highlight artists whose work deserves greater recognition:

Fabiola Cedillo
Philip Cheung
Dylan Hausthor & P. Guilmoth
Eduardo L Rivera
Ka-Man Tse

This year, Aperture’s staff reviewed more than 900 portfolios. Our challenge is to select one winner and four honorable mentions from this overwhelming response. One finalist will be selected as the winner and will be published in Aperture magazine, receive a $3,000 cash prize, and present an exhibition in New York.

We are delighted to welcome these five finalists to our ranks of illustrious past winners and finalists, joining such artists as Natalie Krick, Eli Durst, Drew Nikonowicz, Amy Elkins, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Alexander Gronsky, Sarah Palmer, Louie Palu, Bryan Schutmaat, and many others. The winner of the 2018 Aperture Portfolio Prize will be announced later this month, and the finalists’ portfolios and statements will be featured on

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