#FF: 13 Aperture Summer Open Photographers on Instagram

From the wide group of photographers featured in the exhibition, we’ve chosen a few Instagram accounts worth following.

On July 17, we welcomed the public to our first-ever Aperture Summer Open exhibition. The exhibition is a way to show work by a wider group of photographers on our walls, and in doing so, to take the temperature of contemporary photographic practice. Of his selections for the exhibition, Aperture executive director Chris Boot writes, “The work submitted for the exhibition left me with one overwhelming impression that caught me by surprise: that serious photography today, for all its self-awareness and sophistication, is characterized above all by a sense of joy.” The Summer Open is on view until August 14.

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of the photographers featured in the Summer Open, both in person and online through social media. We’re delighted to see the ways in which many engage with platforms such as Instagram. We’ve selected a few accounts that we think are worth following:

1. Yijun Liao, @bloodypixy or on Facebook

2. Claire Rosen, @clairerosenphoto. (Image by Ron Haviv.)

3. Ricky Adam, @rickyadam

4. Juan Cristóbal Cobo@juancristobalcobo

5. Siri Kaur@sirikaur

6. Jan Staller@janstaller

7. Melissa Eder@melissaederart

8. Joseph Michael Lopez@josephmlopez. (This image is part of Dear New Yorker, an ongoing body of work intended to be published as a book.)

9. Ciara Crocker@cpcrocksss

10. Anna Beeke@abeeke

11. Matthew Arnold@matthewarnoldphotography. Arnold recently published a monograph titled Topography is Fate.

12. Mark Steigelman, @msteigelman

13. Beth Galton@bgalton