Jeff Liao in Coversation With Sean Corcoran (Video)

Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao in conversation with Sean Corcoran on Liao’s Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao: New York.

On Monday, September 29, Sean Corcoran curator of prints and photographs at the Museum of the City of New York joined Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao for a discussion of Liao’s new book, Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao: New York. Over the past ten years, Liao has crafted exhilarating panoramas of New York City with painstaking care and technological precision. Shooting primarily with a large-format film camera, then scanning and digitally editing the negatives, he creates enormous, detail-driven panoramas of the social and urban landscape of the city.

Assembled Realities, an exhibition of Liao’s work curated by Corcoran, opens October 15, 2014.