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Richard Renaldi: Touching Strangers (Video)

Richard Renaldi discusses Touching Strangers during an artist talk at Aperture Gallery on April 16, 2014.

 - April 21, 2014

On Wednesday, April 16, we joined Richard Renaldi for a talk and signing of his new book, Touching Strangers. Since 2007, Renaldi has been working on this series of photographs by approaching and asking complete strangers to physically interact while posing together for a portrait. Working on the street with a large-format, 8-by-10-inch view camera, Renaldi encounters the subjects for his photographs in towns and cities all over the United States. He creates spontaneous and fleeting relationships between strangers for the camera, often pushing his subjects beyond their comfort levels. These relationships may only last for the moment the shutter is released, but the resulting photographs are moving and provocative, and raise profound questions about the possibilities for positive human connection in a diverse society.


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