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Announcing the 2020 Aperture Summer Open Artists

At a moment when ideas about truth have been disrupted, these artists consider how photography portrays our experiences of technology, politics, and the social landscape.

 - May 28, 2020

Seunggu Kim, 15 Globe Amaranth Festival, 2018, from the series Better Days

Aperture is pleased to announce the participating artists in the 2020 Aperture Summer Open, Information. At a moment when ideas about truth and power have been disrupted, these fourteen artists consider how photography portrays and charts our experiences of technology, politics, and the social landscape, from declassified military archives and CIA conspiracy theories, to encounters with race and memory, to the physical spaces where digital information is concealed from the public eye. Together, they broadcast new ways of viewing our present—and our future.

Javier Alvarez / Gus AronsonWidline CadetEmma CantorYu-Chen Chiu / Ash GarwoodEvan Hume / Seunggu KimJoshua Rashaad McFaddenDaniel MebarekKean O’BrienFlorence OmotoyoRowan ReneeGeorge Selley

The 2020 Aperture Summer Open is curated by Brendan Embser, managing editor of Aperture magazine, with Farah Al Qasimi, artist; Amanda Hajjar, director of exhibitions at Fotografiska; Kristen Lubben, executive director of the Magnum Foundation; and Paul Moakley, editor at large for special projects at TIME.

The Aperture Summer Open is an annual open-submission exhibition. Selected by a jury of leading editors, curators, and writers, the exhibition seeks to reveal and report on key themes and trends driving contemporary photography. The 2020 Aperture Summer Open is presented by Fotografiska New York. Follow @aperturefnd on Instagram and Twitter for news and updates.

Javier Alvarez, Marco Antonio, 42 years old, at his room, São Paulo, Brazil, 2016, from the series Prédio

Gus Aronson, Family Album, 2019, from the series Eurydice

Widline Cadet, Kò an Kòm yon Lokal ki Baze sou Je (The Body as a Site Based on Sight), 2019, from the series Seremoni Disparisyon (Ritual [Dis]appearances)

Emma Cantor, Surveillance Cameras, 2019, from the series The Production of Certainty

Yu-Chen Chiu, America Seen, Fort Worth, Texas, from the series America Seen

Ash Garwood, Folded and Faulted, 2020, from the series Common Fault

Joshua Rashaad McFadden, Avery Jackson, 2017, from the series Evidence

Evan Hume, Project Oxcart (A-12), 2019, from the series Viewing Distance

Daniel Mebarek, Untitled, 2020, from the series La Lucha Continua (The Struggle Continues)

Kean O’Brien, Brenda Bostick, from the series Mapping A Genocide

Florence Omotoyo, Choose love, 2019, from the series Everwhere + Nowhere

Rowan Renee, Evidence #15, 17: Misc Paper from Desk, 2019, from the series No Spirit for Me


George Selley, The simplest local tools, 2018, from the series A Study of Assassination

All images courtesy the artists.

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